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Paisley Music Ambience

new album DURGA AVENUE is out now and can be ordered at store and at contact

DURGA AVENUE the AGK Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 Ambient Collection


Track titles and times – release text

1   Durga Avenue 4:44

2   Tribo 3:12

3   When Night Falls 4:17        

4   Marva Mon Amour 6:00

5   Charisma 4:28

6   Qutb 3:49

7   Melancholy Street 4:15

ALL MUSIC COMPOSED AND PERFORMED BY AL GROMER KHAN –                                                                  



Special thanks to Ute Lenz, vocals. And the amazing percussionists of Earth Tone.

EAN 4030218009591   Katalog Nr.: 844624   Release 20th November 2018

DURGA AVENUE – RELEASE SHEET  (from a longer text on Paisley music)

Even though Ute and myself consider ourselves of a future tribe, we connect with certain Paisley periods of the past. A specific nostalgia.   In fashion Paisley kept coming and going since the 19th century when Queen Victoria, a fairly simple woman, thought how brilliant it would be to call herself Empress of India. Yes, a sense of nostalgia is always there in my music; it recalls times when things were slow, and refinement and complexity made itself apparent if you´d contemplated it for a time. For example, it has taken more than forty years for my sitar to actually start talking to me.                            

And now she is talking, in a clear but subtle voice. And the voice is that of a woman or a young girl. It sort of changes, but it is always female.  At this time of change, from the age of devotion to that of emancipation, most phenomena in society and art have become male dominated, with all types of self-assertion in the outer world. In my art I succumb to the feminine principle almost totally. That means – as in the Blues – a minimum of structure, as not to hinder Her influence. It also points towards an emotive approach, rather than a rational plan. Technically speaking I follow the overtones from layers of sound and let them – plus certain deja-vus and subtle reminiscences – decide upon all the rest, like structure and harmony.  And by tracing overtones, certain things become manifest. Things one could never have thought of or achieved with willpower. No way. Sometimes She puts an extra beat in, or an extra note, one that disturbs the pre-conceived idea of structured harmony or rhythm. A mistake, but I like to keep it; after all, this is art, and only She can own the natural monopoly for perfection. She loves rhythms based on three or six beat cycles, but she is only truly happy when she is united with Her lover who loves rhythms of four and eight beat cycles . The Two become One. The is dance joyous.  And have you noticed how most African music is based on a beat that intertwines three and four beats? It makes the rhythm hover and float, charging itself energetically, instead of wearing you down like testosterone-prone military marching music or techno.  

Sometimes I return to melodic places of the past, places where the heart first opened, and then I make new yogurt from leftovers. No matter, I never wanted – or could – control the muse. I never actually “made” music – always found music.   AGK ©


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